Norwegian Urban outdoor clothing – functional and fashionable

Norwegians are known for their great love of the outdoors, and it is this love that has driven Twentyfour to design and develop technical clothing for Norwegian conditions that is both functional and fashionable. We design high-quality and trendy outdoor clothing that inspires good experiences, every day, all year round – regardless of the occasion.

Twentyfour is a popular and fast growing Norwegian outdoor clothing brand. We get our inspiration from the beautiful Norwegian nature and our consumers. Our collections merge sport and fashion in the active lifestyle, outdoor, hiking, alpine and cross-country skiing segments.​

Norwegian kids fashion for comfort & play

Gullkorn Design’s story started in 2015 in the south of Norway when the idea for comfortable, but fashionable kids clothing originated. From the very beginning, our ambition has been to create high quality children’s clothing in timeless Scandinavian designs, trendy colors and with a special focus on clothes that are comfortable to wear and thus encourage movement, creativity and play. We get our inspiration from our consumers and their wonderful children, who are always the focus of our attention. In Norwegian “Gullkorn” means ‘grain of gold’ and reflects the preciousness and playfulness of every child.


Where the mountain meets the street. Enter with style.